Directions & Instructions

Learn how to safely use Tethrd products

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HYS Strap

To install the HYS Strap Pass the strap around the tree. Pass the tag end (end without the orange t-hook strap) through any of the loops on the strap and pull snug. We generally use the last larger loop. The HYS Strap is now “girth hitched” to the tree. To lock the HYS Strap in […]

Mantis Recliner

The Tethrd Recliner is a comfort option that very simply takes your saddle hunting experience to another level of comfort. While not necessary, the Recliner is preferred by many especially on those all day rut hunts. The Recliners fold up into a tiny ball, weighs only a few ounces, fits into the SYS haulers and […]

Ropeman 1

The Ropeman 1, an ascender by design, is commonly used in saddle hunting where it functions as a mechanical prusik. The prusik is a friction hitch or knot used to attach a loop of accessory cord to a rope and is used in various climbing applications. When weighted, the hitch cinches to the rope securing [...]

SBW Heater

The SBW Heater is a modular and streamlined solution to cold weather hunting.  The SBW Heater is built with a warm and quiet outerlayer of Amerisuede fabric which houses Climashield synthetic insulation.  Climashield insulation provides superior thermal efficiency, durability, and performance compared to alternative insulations and maintains its heat and warmth even in wet and freezing conditions. […]


1. Always attach your tether (h) when you have reached the top of your climbing method BEFORE climbing onto your Predator platform. 2. While you are safely connected to the tree with your lineman belt, pass the tether (h) loop around the tree at forehead height (figure 6). 3. Pass the free end of the […]

Lineman Belt

1. You should always ascend and descend the tree using your lineman belt (f). This allows you to safely affix your climbing method, and your tree tether while remaining attached to the tree at all times. 2. At the base of the tree, pass the free end of your lineman belt (f) around the tree […]

Predator Platform

1. Place the back of the Predator (i) against the tree at the desired hunting position with the tree bracket firmly against the bark. 2. With one loop attached to the ZipCam Button (j), pass the free end of the ZipCam attachment strap (k) around the tree, and attach the second loop to the ZipCam […]

Mantis Saddle

1. Hold the waist belt (c) around your waist (figure 2). 2. Buckle the waist belt (c) around the waist and adjust snugly. 3. At least 3 in of webbing tail must extend from the waist belt buckle after the waist belt has been adjusted correctly. 4. Pull the leg loop center between your legs [...]

SYS Hauler & SYS Hauler ES

The SYS Hauler “Store Your Stuff” Pouch is an accessory pouch to be used on your Mantis saddle to store extra items such as tether, lineman’s belt, cell phone, grunt call, etc. The SYS Hauler can be installed anywhere along the molle webbing of the saddle to fit your personal needs. SYS Hauler Installation: To […]


The VersaStrap can be used to replace cam buckles and ratchet straps for certain applications. They were designed for climbing sticks, but can be used in a variety of scenarios. Never use a VersaStrap in a life support scenario like a Tether or Lineman Belt. You will notice the VersStrap links will be tight at […]