Teach-N-Train Tour

Our mission is to teach the world about saddle hunting. To do this, we’re launching a 100% FREE 20 city tour in 2020 to help hunters learn about all the benefits of saddle hunting.

Don’t hunt with Tethrd gear or prefer another manufacturer? Who cares? Come on anyway and join in the fun. These events are about teaching the world to saddle hunt, no matter the label.

If you’re looking to learn about saddle hunting, a Tethrd TNT event is where it’s at. There’s no other place on earth to talk with experts and learn the saddle hunting ropes.

We’ve partnered with saddle hunting maniacs from around the country to bring a TNT event to your area.

Each event will include:
– Free lunch or dinner (depending on the time)
РAll our saddle hunting gear in one place so you can test EVERYTHING 
– LOTS of giveaways and freebies
– Event-only pricing & discounts on Tethrd gear.
– Insider Access to yet-to-be-released gear
– Saddle hunting experts available to answer all your questions and get you hanging!

For questions about each event, contact the event host (click on the event pin for info)