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Tethrd is a team of saddle hunting fanatics with a passionate addiction to whitetail hunting. Tethrd seeks to accomplish 2 missions: Spread the love for saddle hunting to the sportsman community, & design and engineer the world’s best saddle hunting equipment. That’s it. If it doesn’t make the saddle hunting community better, we won’t do it. Period.

Tethrd evolved from a burning desire to provide quality gear and resources to the saddle hunting community. Because our community is a small niche component of the greater hunting industry, the availability of saddle specific gear and innovation was severely lacking. Tethrd solved this problem by designing, engineering, and producing the most mobile, stealthy, and safest elevated hunting gear on the planet.

If you’re interested in the lightest, least bulky, most versatile, and safest elevated hunting system in the world, you’ve come to the right place. Get connected.

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Meet the Founders

Greg Godfrey

Like most of you, I grew up hunting, fishing, and spending lots of time outside. My family and upbringing nurtured a passion for the great outdoors that has only grown with time. My room mates in college thought I was weird for skipping parties and night life, to go to bed early during the rut. It’s in my blood.

I have spent the last decade as an Officer in the Active Duty Army. Army life can be stressful to all aspects of family life – and hunting is not exempt. Due to frequent moves including Georgia (Columbus, Augusta, & Savannah), Oklahoma, Colorado, and New York, I realized the same old hunting techniques would no longer work. Not to mention hunting 100% public land made the traditional gear I grew up with (like big ladder stands and heavy lock-on stands) very impractical. Lugging big heavy stands through public land, and dealing with thieves was a no-go. I needed a mobile, light setup that could go in and out with me on every hunt.

That’s when I found the Trophyline Tree Saddle and books by John Eberhart. This was a game changer. The Tree Saddle changed the way I was able to pursue game from an elevated position.

Fast forward the better part of a decade, and I have been DIYing saddles and gear in pursuit of the most ultralight and mobile system ever created. I’ve hunted all over the country including: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Montana, Colorado, and Saskatchewan, Canada. Tethrd was born from this pursuit. Creating the best system for run-n-gun mobile hunting has turned into an obsession.

Ernie Power

I’ve been hunting since before I was born.   I’m not making that up, its no exaggeration.  There is actually an antelope hanging in my parents living room that my dad shot while hunting with his then pregnant wife.  Its in my blood and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Growing up in Idaho, I have fond memories of  spending countless hours hiking the Rockies with my dad in search of deer, elk, and the occasional blue grouse.

My love affair with whitetails however, didn’t blossom until I moved to the Midwest to attend college.  Deer hunting in Minnesota was unlike anything I had ever experienced and required a very different approach.   No more hiking all day looking for deer and taking long rifle shots across canyons.  I had to learn how to get up close and personal.  The limited access to public land, and the lack of terrain meant that I had to learn how to hunt from a tree.  I’m always trying to learn more and hopefully evolve into a more successful hunter.  For me,  the life or death chess match between the wary whitetail deer with all of his instincts and senses and my clumsy woodsmanship is a constant driving force for that education.

Along the way I picked up a more tradional education and eventually a degree in Mechanical Engineering. It has always been my dream to develop products related to my way of life.   I know what I would buy and why I would buy it, so why wouldn’t I use that knowledge to help out the hunting community.

For me,  saddle hunting is a passion and an obsession.  I have a background in the tree trimming industry and because of that, I have always felt at home in a tree. But the beauty of saddle hunting is that anyone can do it.  For my particular hunting style,  I primarily hunt high pressure public land with extended walks,  the saddle is a perfect fit.  Not to mention,  I just have more fun in a saddle than I ever did with any other method.