Tethrd Team

Greg Godfrey

Greg spent a decade as an Officer in the Active Duty Army. Army life can be stressful to all aspects of family life – and hunting is not exempt. Through frequent moves, including Georgia (Columbus, Augusta, & and Savannah), Oklahoma, Colorado, and New York, Greg realized the same old hunting techniques would no longer work. The transition to hunting 100% public land made the traditional tree stands he grew up with (like big ladder stands and heavy lock-on stands) very impractical. Lugging big heavy stands through public land and dealing with thieves was a no-go. He needed a mobile and light setup that could go in and out on every hunt. That’s when Greg discovered saddle hunting.

Fast forward the better part of a decade and Greg has been DIYing saddles and gear in pursuit of the most ultralight and mobile system ever created. He’s hunted all over the country learning every environment and topography. Tethrd was born from this pursuit. Creating the best system for run-n-gun mobile hunting has turned into an obsession.

Ernie Power

Growing up in Idaho, Ernie’s love affair with whitetails didn’t blossom until he moved to the Midwest to attend college. Deer hunting in Minnesota was unlike anything Ernie had ever experienced and required a very different approach. No more hiking all day looking for deer and taking long rifle shots across canyons. He had to learn how to get up close and personal. The limited access to public land and the lack of terrain meant Ernie had to learn how to hunt from a tree.

Along the way, Ernie picked up a degree in mechanical engineering. It has always been his dream to develop products related to his passion. Saddle hunting has become both a passion and an obsession. As a 20-year veteran of the tree trimming industry, Ernie has always felt at home in a tree. But the beauty of saddle hunting is that anyone can do it. Ernie primarily hunts high-pressure public land with extended walks. For this, the saddle is a perfect fit. Not to mention, hunters just have more fun in a saddle than any other method.


The Founding Fathers are the core of Tethrd. These die-hard bow hunters tested gear, helped design saddles and accessories, and provided all manner of guidance as Tethrd hustled to get off the ground. Without the Founding Fathers, Tethrd wouldn’t exist and most of you maniacs would still be hunting out of tree stands.