Andy May

Andy is a DIY hunter who took up hunting later in life (18). At 19 he killed a large buck in his home state of Michigan and was immediately hooked. He became obsessed with tracking down big bucks in his pressured home state of Michigan. After years of consistent success he began to venture to other states from Wyoming to Maryland and everything in between. Andy learned early on the importance of being mobile when pursuing big bucks. Big bucks are simply masters at detecting and patterning humans. Staying mobile has helped him catch mature bucks by surprise over and over again. For the past 20 years Andy has been able to consistently take multiple mature bucks each year with his bow, all DIY.

Andy has used countless combinations for his mobile setup over the years but has found the ultimate in a mobile hunting combo with the Mantis Saddle and Predator Platform. He fell in love with this combo immediately and was able to kill a mature buck in Michigan the second time using it in the buck’s core area. He followed it up a few weeks later with a mature buck in Ohio with the Mantis/ Predator combo setting up within 80 yards of the bedded buck undetected.

Andy loves hunting big bucks but the most important thing to him is experiencing new adventures and quality experiences with his friends and family in the outdoors.

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