Ted Bright

I have been hunting and fishing since I can remember and love all things outdoors.  As I got older and honed in on archery hunting, I became increasingly passionate about hunting mature bucks with extreme tactics and always with bow and arrow.  Then I discovered saddle hunting and after two seasons, I can confidently say that hunting from a saddle has allowed me the ability to become more mobile, stealthy, efficient and most importantly to hunt with more confidence than ever.

My 16 year old son and hunting buddy, TJ, also hunts from a saddle and he has seen the rewards as well.  There is nothing like a double saddle set-up archery hunt from the same tree with your son and favorite hunting partner!  We hunt on highly pressured public land 90% of the time and our saddle systems have helped us to be more successful.

Like most saddle hunters, I like to tinker and modify my gear customized for my extreme and athletic style of hunting.  I need to be as compact and efficient as possible for my creative and methodic system of beast tactics that allow me to get where others cannot or will not go.   I use a Tethrd Predator Platform and Mantis saddle.  The Predator Platform is the single most valuable piece of gear in my arsenal and greatly increased my comfort and ability for all day sits.  You can check out my saddle hunting system and more on my YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLwRiURQScmTM1riOdL7WMQ