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Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you: the climbing stick – perfected, now in color!

One pound per stick INCLUDING our patent-pending attachment system. Now available in a 4 pack!!!

Add a 3 pack and Single to your cart for instant $30 savings.

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The Tethrd One climbing stick is the lightest,
full-featured climbing stick on planet Earth.

Honestly…it’s not even close.


Our One climbing stick achieves an industry first ONE pound weight INCLUDING the DynaLite™ Rope attachment.* Most companies don’t even include the weight of their ropes, buckles, and straps. We think that’s dishonest. The weight we claim is the real weight ready to hunt. The 6061 CNC precision machined step-standoff one-piece design is deadly quiet and maximizes strength. This combined with our titanium tube means the Tethrd One Stick is featherlight to pack in, yet easy to maneuver and set in the tree. The Tethrd One stick is engineered with Grade 9 aerospace titanium. It is immune to corrosion, 50% lighter than steel, and 300% stronger than aluminum.** This seamless construction yields EXTREME strength-to-weight ratios.

Our Patent pending DynaLoc™ tab allows for quick, quiet, and simple attachment. The proprietary DynaLite™ rope system is the lightest, simplest, and most innovative quick-attach system ever developed. On top of a strength rating of well over 2,000 lbs, the intuitive X-lock design provides positive tactile feedback that lets you feel the stick locking to the tree. In our unofficial “bubba testing”, we were able to install and lock a One stick to the tree in less than 5 seconds. Oh yeah…it was completely silent and included no buckles.

The one piece step/standoff creates a generous boot gripping step size for comfortable, confident climbing. It includes an 8.5″ dual-step width for maximum agility. Our boot containment design engineered into the step geometry, combined with smart traction tread, gives hunters maximum climbing real estate while allowing the top stick to be used as a saddle hunting platform for a quick-and-dirty hunt.

Our patent pending StickLoc™ stacking system is intuitive, whisper quiet, and incredibly strong. It allows you to quickly and efficiently align and stack sticks together for easy transport…no extra straps or fiddle factor required. Integrated rubber o-rings keep your sticks weather proof and noise free. The StickLoc™ pins are a consumable part. Each set of One Sticks will ship with a replacement set of pins. You can also buy more to have extras on hand (coming soon).

We built innovative self-illuminating GLO-tabs into each step. This allows safer climbing and descending during low light. Hunters get increased function and safety without a weight penalty.

We built several iterations of climbing sticks over 2 years. Original prototypes included a folding and rotating step design. We all agreed after extensive testing that there was too much “fiddle factor”.

When a hunter finds a hunting location, it’s time to hunt. Hunters shouldn’t fiddle around with bolts, and locks, and moving steps. At the end of the hunt, who wants to spend extra time changing your climbing sticks back into pack mode? Not us. Fiddling around with moving parts adds frustration and introduces the potential for noise.

With ZERO moving parts, and a roll-tide-simple attachment system, we engineered the One stick to be FIDDLE FACTOR FREE…just how it should be.


  • 16.5 ounces* INCLUDING DynaLite™ Rope attachment
  • 3 Pack weighs 3 lbs*
  • user replaceable ropes
  • included vinyl sound tube barrier
  • 18.5″ total height – Single One Stick
  • 17″ step to step – Single One Stick
  • 20.5″ total height – 3 Sticks Stacked
  • 8.5″ Step foot bed.
  • Aerospace grade Titanium & Aluminum construction
  • ZERO moving parts eliminating ALL Fiddle Factor
  • Weight limit: 300lbs (hunter + gear)
*Weight may vary depending on product configuration, vendor components, manufacturing variability and options selected. While Tethrd has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein, product specifications, configurations, component/options availability are all subject to change without notice.
**Estimates based on relative material selections.

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Weight 33.6 oz
Dimensions N/A

3-Pack, 4-pack, Single

2 reviews for One Sticks

  1. Brandon Merrill (verified owner)

    These sticks are amazing! They are spendy, but well worth the price. They deploy quickly, are super solid and grip any kind of tree bark. Paired with the stealth strips they are absolutely silent in the woods and walking through brush ect. The glow in the dark tags added to each step are great for setting up before light or climbing down after dark

  2. Josh Pauer (verified owner)

    Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else for a better climbing stick.

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