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The LockDown saddle is the KING of COMFORT.


Over the past two years, we’ve tested and refined a new approach to our saddle lineup to reimagine comfort and user-friendliness. The LockDown takes the best in-class features from our Phantom, including our UtiliBridge™, Comfort Channels™, and integrated lineman loops, and adds in our Expandable Saddle Body with LockDown Link construction to create a mega-comfortable saddle that expands and contracts with you throughout your hunt. Not only does the LockDown revolutionize comfort in a saddle, but our new oversized LockDown Haulers with integrated skeleton frames make frustrating gear access a thing of the past. With our new bomb-proof yoke system, you can also load up your LockDown and not worry about keeping it in place. The LockDown is the next evolution in saddle-hunting comfort. You’re gonna LOVE it.



The Tethrd Skeletors are the best mid-priced portable climbing stick on the planet.
We released the Tethrd One Sticks to be the most lightweight, packable, and mobile climbing stick on the planet. Using ultra-high-end materials and proprietary construction methods, we created a One-Pound climbing stick (including the attachment method), making us the first in the world to bring this type of lightweight climbing to hunters. However, our One Sticks are costly and difficult to produce.