SBW Heater

The SBW Heater is a modular and streamlined solution to cold weather hunting.  The SBW Heater is built with a warm and quiet outerlayer of Amerisuede fabric which houses Climashield synthetic insulation.  Climashield insulation provides superior thermal efficiency, durability, and performance compared to alternative insulations and maintains its heat and warmth even in wet and freezing conditions.

The modular and adaptive design allows the SBW Heater to not only be easily removed when temperatures are high but also allows the SBW Heater to be easily adjusted in the tree as the temperature changes over the course of a hunt.  The cord locks on the sides of the SBW Heater adjust the tension and fit of the SBW Heater.

Pro tip:  Adhesive hand warmers can also be attached to the SBW Heater for additional heat and comfort during freezing conditions.

To attach the SBW heater to your saddle:

  1. Insert the three bar sliders into the molle loops along the waist on the backside of the saddle.
  2. Attach the included micro S-biners to the fixed loops of the bridge on each side of the saddle.
  3. Attach the cinch cord loops on the sides of the SBW heater to the respective S-biner on each side of the saddle.
  4. While not required, the leg straps can also be run through the cinch cord loop at the bottom of the SBW Heater.  Running the leg straps through this cord loop not only provides an additional attachment point, but can improve heat retention when the SBW Heater is fully cinched or when moderately ventilated.
  5. To maximize warmth and insulation, cinch the cord on the SBW Heater which moves the SBW Heater tight to the saddle.
  6. To improve ventilation and reduce warmth,  loosen the cord on the SBW Heater.
  7. Adjust as necessary and enjoy maximum comfort in the tree!