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SBW Heater Directions

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Directions & Instructions

Before putting on your saddle, identify if you are wearing a Mantis (Fig 1.1) or Phantom (Fig 1.2) saddle. While the process for putting either saddle on is essentially the same, the location of certain features is slightly different from one model to the next. It is important to familiarize yourself with your model of saddle before hunting with it.

1. Hold the waistbelt (a) around your waist (Fig 1.3, Fig 1.4).

2. Buckle the waistbelt (a) around the waist and adjust snugly.

3. At least 3 inches of webbing tail must extend from the waistbelt buckle after the waistbelt has been adjusted correctly. Adjusting the three-bar sliders (b) on the waistbelt may be necessary to extend the length of the webbing tail to the correct length.

4. Pull the leg loop center between your legs and up to the leg loop connection (c, d) (Fig 1.5, Fig 1.6), then secure the adjustable hook buckles (e) and adjust snugly as drop testing suggests that leg loops help in an event of a fall (Fig. 1.5, Fig. 1.6). On the Mantis the leg loop (c) will be located on the waist belt, or along the bottom of the saddle body webbing. On the Phantom the leg loop (d) is located along the bottom of the saddle, near the bottom of the bridge loops. Be certain the webbing is not twisted.

5. The waistbelt must fit snugly around your waist. It should ride below your rib cage and above the top of your hip bone. The leg loops should fit snugly, as drop testing suggests that leg loops help in an event of a fall, but shouldn’t restrict movement.