Ultralock SD bundle


Ultralock SD


The KING of COMFORT has arrived!

With our Phantom Saddle, we went for ultralight and very modular. That's the reason it's the greatest selling saddle of all time. But we listened to you guys who were willing to carry a bit more weight & bulk in exchange for maximum comfort and created the Ultralock SD. This thing is the Cadillac of Comfiness!

The Ultralock SD includes: Ultralock SD Expandable Saddle, UtiliBridge™ & Comfort Channels™, 2 sets of Ultralock Links

Regular = 30"-40" waist | XL = +40" waist

Modular Ultralock Yoke

You wanted modular, we delivered! This is our Ultralock yoke system that comes with universal molle connections. This will fit ALL saddles with molle loops. Phantom saddle? Check! Menace? Check! ESS? Check! Other saddle brands? Check!



  • One (1) Yoke
  • Universal Molle Connection kit

Modular Ultralock Pockets

The same great pockets we sew into our Ultralock saddles, now modular! Universal molle connection so you can upgrade your Phantom, Menace, Mantis and other saddles with molle loops.

Also, Greg was incorrect!  We do not sell these in single packs, only pairs. You wouldn't put new tires on just one side of your truck, right?


Includes: Two (2) Modular Ultralock Pockets


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Additional information

Ultralock SD

Weight 49 oz


Modular Ultralock Yoke

Weight 10 oz

Coyote, Ranger Green

Modular Ultralock Pockets

Weight 23 oz