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Introducing the world’s best knee pad designed SPECIFICALLY for saddle hunters. Comfortable, lightweight, and gripalicious.

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The Tethrd Knee Pads are the new standard in saddle hunting knee protection. Whether you’re a new saddle hunter, or an OG, the knee pad can make or break your hunt. We took our favorite kneepads from the mountain climbing industry and MADE THEM WORK FOR US. We TRIPLED the padding, added hexagonal gripping lugs, overlayed them with a slide-stopping rubber coating, and made them more saddle hunter friendly.

We designed our knee pads with a triple dose of comfortable closed-cell foam padding. These Knee Pads have cushion and strength exactly where you need them. They’ll last forever and save your knees on those long sits.

We engineered a raised honeycomb gripping surface to provide more bite and leverage during your hunt. But we didn’t stop there. We added an EXTRA super-grippy rubber on the face to keep your knees right where you want them.

Our knee pads use a one-of-a-kind camo process ensuring every single one is uniquely camouflaged. Do the deer care if your knee pads are camo? Probably not…but they sure do look cool.

Our stretch straps allow you to put them on at the truck and walk to your tree. They’re also light and small enough to pack in if you don’t like wearing knee pads while walking.

With a simple attachment and bomb proof construction, the Tethrd Knee Pads leave everything else in the dust.


  • 11 oz Total weight (pair)
  • Raised hexagonal gripping lugs
  • Rubber gripping layer against the tree
  • Stretchy knee straps for easy walking

Additional information

Weight 14.75 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10.25 × 4 in

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