Mantis Saddle

by | Aug 4, 2019 | Directions & Instructions

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1. Hold the waist belt (c) around your waist (figure 2).
2. Buckle the waist belt (c) around the waist and adjust snugly.
3. At least 3 in of webbing tail must extend from the waist belt buckle after the waist belt has been adjusted correctly.
4. Pull the leg loop center between your legs and up to the waist belt, then secure the adjustable hook buckles (e) and adjust for comfort (figure 3). Be certain the webbing is not twisted. Leg loops can also be installed over the thighs at the bottom of the saddle body (not pictured)
5. The waist belt must fit snugly around your waist. It should ride below your rib cage and above the top of your hip bone. The leg loops should fit snugly but shouldn�t restrict movement.

The Amsteel bridge should be checked regularly for wear. Use the Samson Guide to determine when yours may need to be replaced.[/vc_column_text]