The VersaStrap can be used to replace cam buckles and ratchet straps for certain applications. They were designed for climbing sticks, but can be used in a variety of scenarios. Never use a VersaStrap in a life support scenario like a Tether or Lineman Belt.

To install the VersaStrap on your climbing stick:

  1. Attach the end without the shock cord to the versabutton. DO NOT use the very last link. Always attach with the second to last link.
  2. Wind the VersaStrap around the climbing stick and use the shock cord to keep the VersaStrap from flapping around.

To use the VersaStrap on a tree:

  1. Hold your climbing stick against the tree.
  2. Wrap the VersaStrap around the tree and slip the appropriate link back over the versabutton.
  3. You should now have two links over the versabutton.
  4. Pull down on your climbing stick to remove all slack from the VersaStrap.

To remove the VersaStrap from the tree:

  1. Release the tension on the VersaStrap by lifting upwards on the climbing stick.
  2. Remove the VersaStrap link from the versabutton.
  3. Wind the VersaStrap around your climbing stick and use the shock cord to secure the free end.