Tethrd Ten

The Tethrd Ten is a celebration of the ten best saddle bucks taken during the past hunting season.

The best is pretty hard to define. What makes it the best for one hunter could be wildly different than another. While a hunter in the Midwest might value the P&Y score more than anything, a DIY public land hunter in the deep South might value the amount of sweat equity expended more than the size of the rack. The self-filmer might value the creativity that went into the imagery or the documentation of the story. Maybe it was a hunter’s first buck, or a Veteran battling his demons who found an escape into the whitetail woods. None of those judgments are wrong. There is no definition of the “best” for the Tethrd Ten. That’s why we are letting saddle hunters decide with their votes.

The Tethrd Ten 2018 serialized commemorative coin is only presented to those voted as the best.
You can’t buy it.
You can’t grow it.
You can’t build it.
You have to earn it.

The Ten final selections will be posted later this summer.

To submit your 2018 buck for consideration, email a short (500 words or less) story and picture to ten@tethrdnation.com

We will narrow down the selection and the saddle hunting community will choose the winner.

The Ten Rules

  • Public and private land hunts allowed as long as it is 100% fair chase. No high fences or game ranches allowed.
  • Hunt must take place with saddle hunting gear. Brand doesn’t matter.
  • 500 words or less.
  • Picture must be included.
  • If picture does not show the saddle equipment, you must have a friend verify the hunt took place with saddle hunting equipment.
  • Voting should consider all aspects of the hunt.