Spring Turkey Tips

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Educational Blog

For many of you in the south, turkey seasons are just starting to kick off! Our good friends at The Southern Collective are some of the most die hard turkey hunters we know! To celebrate the season starting, each guy on the SoCo Hunt crew is sharing a valuable piece of turkey hunting advice.

Make sure to give them a follow and keep up to date with how their spring is going. You’ll see them rocking the Tethrd M2 Turkey Vest this year as well!


Without further ado, here are 5 quick tips from the Southern Collective to help you have more success this spring!



  • If he’s gobbling on his own, call just as a reaction to him – As soon as he gobbles, cut him off with some yelps. They don’t have to be loud … he can hear you. Once the tables turn and he gobbles only to you, your odds of success increase tremendously.


  • When in doubt, stay put. – Often we call to a gobbling turkey and he responds for a while before shutting up. In our head he has left and we need to chase him but more times than not he’s making his way to your exact location. When the bird shuts up he is often within 100 yards and knows exactly where you are. Just because they quit gobbling doesn’t mean they lost interest. 


  • Always try to keep your setup out of sight – Most times when a bird hangs up it is because he can see where he thinks a hen should present itself. Position yourself such that the gobbler must expose himself once he is within eyesight. A ridge or crest in a hill presents great opportunities as do palmetto flats. 

  • Never leave the woods before 11am – The majority of birds I have killed are between 9-11am, which is considered by many people to be the slowest time of the day to turkey hunt. Jack’s biscuits start calling about the time the morning gobbling quits and many turkey hunters opt out. If you’re in his area and he quits talking, don’t leave. He knows you’re there. 


  • Learn soft calling – The most popular tutorials and instructions are on cutting and yelping for a reason … they are fun! However, if you have the chance go listen to turkeys feed and amble about on a farm or at the zoo. They are constantly talking to themselves using soft whips, whines, and kee kee’s. We can’t hear them at a distance so we assume the bird can’t but soft calling can be the difference maker on leery gobblers.



To follow along with SoCo Hunt fellas this year, make sure to give them a follow on all of their channels! Best of luck this spring!