Shipping Update 6.13.19

Shipping update for this week!

Saddles are moving along with order dates up through the below that were shipped this week:
Mediums through order date 3/28
Large through order date 3/29
XL through order date- 3/20

Backordered: Sys haulers and SBW heaters are still backordered. Recliners are now backordered. If your order contained one of these items, we will ship the main products (Saddle or platform) first and ship these items once they are back in stock.

In Stock: Platforms, lineman’s belt, tree tether, carabiners, and Ropeman 1 ship within 3-5 days.

Please note: your email confirmation with tracking will be sent once the USPS or UPS carrier scans your package in their system. This can take 24 hours from the time they pick up our shipments.

If you don’t receive a confirmation and expected to based on this update, please give it 48 hours with the carrier and then email us at or message through Facebook for a status.