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Here is update #3. We will continue to put out multiple updates per week to ensure you guys are up to date with the latest and greatest information. As soon as we know something, you’ll know something.

Predator Platform – The testing is complete and the results are amazing (over 500 lbs to failure). We’re putting a 300 lb weight limit on it, but it should give you piece of mind knowing we tested it to double that. We’re waiting on the ZipCam straps from our sewing contractor so we can begin shipping. Just as soon as those arrive, your platforms will be going out. However, if you ordered the Predator with a Mantis, we’re going to ship those items together. Also, say a prayer for Ernie – he has to assemble all these platforms. I think his fingers are going to be little sore lol.

Mantis Saddle – As of noon on August 1st, our contractor hasn’t tested the saddle yet. This is extremely frustrating for us. We’re relying on a third party and there’s not much we can do other than apply pressure. Rest assured we’re all over them. Ernie is going by the facilities DAILY and following up with emails and calls. We’re doing every single thing in our power to get this process finalized. Maybe once this is done we can start our own sewing, manufacturing, and testing facility so we don’t have to wait on anyone else. Who’s with us??? All kidding aside, you guys are going to be blown away with the Mantis and accessories. It is truly a remarkable setup. As of now, there are no changes to our expected shipping times from the previous update.

There have been dozens of you that reached out and offered encouraging support. This means the world to us. We’re taking this delay very personally, but unfortunately it’s out of our control. Our goal from the beginning has been to build the lightest, safest, strongest, and most user friendly saddle hunting equipment the world has ever seen. With your support, we’ve done that. Now we just need a little more patience so we can get it in your hands.

We’re also posting some updated pics to Facebook and the SaddleHunter.comforum if you’re interested in seeing the final production Predator platform.

Ernie & Greg

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