Shipping Update

Update for the end of this week. Took a day trip (a long day!) to the manufacturer to improve efficiencies and speed up production going forward. It was quite a successful day and we are excited about the coming weeks!

If your order includes a saddle, they will be shipped in the order received along with whatever else is on the order that we have in stock at that time. Here is where we are with each size:

M – thru 2/15
L – thru 1/31
XL – thru 2/12

If your order includes a platform. It has shipped with whatever we have/had in stock at the time thru 4/26

If your order included both a saddle AND platform, the order will ship when it is the saddles turn to go.

If your order did not include either (eg. Ropes, recliner, ropeman, apparel, etc) if has shipped thru 4/26 with whatever we have in stock.

Sys Haulers and Sys Hauler ES’s have been backordered for some time and are not included in shipped orders as of yet. When haulers are back in stock, all partial orders needing them will be fulfilled.

Some orders are still in need of brown tethers. Partial orders needing them will be fulfilled in 10-14 days when more inventory arrives.