Ropeman 1

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Directions & Instructions

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The Ropeman 1, an ascender by design, is commonly used in saddle hunting where it functions as a mechanical prusik knot.

The prusik knot is a friction hitch designed to attach a loop of accessory cord to a rope. It is commonly used in various climbing applications. When weighted, the hitch cinches to the rope securing the climber in a stable position. Repositioning of the hitch requires the use of both hands and can only be achieved while unweighted.

In saddle hunting the prusik knot is an integral component of the whole system. It is used from the ground, at hunting height and back to the ground. When used on a lineman’s rope or tree tether, the Ropeman 1 can replace your prusik knot and function as a mechanical prusik. The Ropeman 1 makes climbing and tether operations more user friendly by offering one handed adjustment capability. For operating instructions please click on the button below and see the illustrations provided below by the device manufacturer.

Ropeman 1 Device Instructions