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by | Aug 9, 2019 | Directions & Instructions

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The Tethrd Recliner is a comfort option that very simply takes your saddle hunting experience to another level of comfort. While not necessary, the Recliner is preferred by many especially on those all day rut hunts. The Recliners fold up into a tiny ball, weighs only a few ounces, fits into the SYS haulers and is very easy to install making it a great option even for the minimalist.

Follow these easy instructions and always try any new option out at ground level.

Gen 1 Recliner (NO LONGER AVAILABLE): This Recliner comes with two prusik loops, one for each side of your bridge.

  1. To attach the loops to the bridge simply wrap around bridge twice feeding the loop end (with small rubber o-ring) through the tag end (knotted) and this forms your prusik friction knot.
  2. Roll the rubber o-ring towards the loop to lock the prusik in place.
  3. Next, feed your Recliner buttons through the loop created by the rubber washer.
  4. Finally, adjust to your comfortable position and tension for maximum support.

Gen 2 Recliner: The comfort stays the same but with a little more simplicity.

  1. When sitting in your saddle, place the recliner behind your back by passing your head, arms, and shoulders through the strap.
  2. Clip the strap into the tree tether carabiner. Always put on your lineman belt before opening the gate of your carabiner.
  3. Adjust the ladder locks on each side of the recliner to your comfort.

For both recliner systems, simply lean forward to ease tension and allow the strap to loosen and fall for shooting. This is the natural position for shooting and conveniently drops the Recliner out of your way without any adjusting.