How to go around limbs

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Directions & Instructions, News & Announcements

It’s important to keep safety first whenever you are climbing a tree. Climbing is the most dangerous part of hunting above the ground. Here are some helpful tips for staying safe during your climb.

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  1. NEVER disconnect your lineman belt (a) from the tree in order to move around limbs or obstructions (b) without first attaching a secondary connection to the tree
  2. When you encounter a limb or obstruction (b) during your climb, safely attach your tether (c) (see instructions on page 7) above the obstruction (b) before adjusting your lineman belt (a) (Fig. 10.1).
  3. Once all your weight is safely supported by your tether (c) (Fig. 10.2), you can unclip one side of your lineman belt (a) to pass it over or around the obstruction (b) (Fig. 10.3).
  4. Once your lineman belt (a) is safely reconnected above or around the obstruction (b) (Fig. 10.4), you can safely remove your tether (c) and continue your climb (Fig. 10.5).
  5. Repeat these steps when encountering another limb or obstruction
  6. For detailed video instructions watch the video below.