Evolution of a Platform

by | Apr 24, 2018 | News & Announcements


But what do I do with my feet?

Its the age old question for all saddle hunters. The truth is, the search for the perfect platform, has been going on since the first saddles hit the market over 20 years ago. The never ending goal of being ultralight, portable, rock solid, quiet, and user friendly has lent itself to a multitude of solutions.

For years the gold standard platform was to use a ring of strap on steps. But they are hard to locate and even more painful to purchase with secondary sales as high as $25 per step. These steps, however, have their down sides. They dont pack up nicely, they can be noisy to install, they dont accommodate weak side shots, they can cause pressure on your feet, and they dont lend themselves nicely to adding or removing layers as the outside temperature fluctuates.

Several DIY platforms have come about using seats from traditional hang on style stands as a surface for a platform. With any DIY project there is a level of risk involved. The dangerous part about this style of platform is that the seat being used was never intended to support the weight of a standing hunter. Thats not to say that these platforms arent useful, and if you can find the right seat, they can make an excellent platform. The problem is once again that the best parts are hard to find and they are expensive if you can find them.

We can do better

Enter the Predator. From the ground up this platform was designed by saddle hunters for saddle hunters. It is the best platform available for hunters no matter what your saddle style. When we started, we enlisted the help of some of the brightest minds in the saddle world to come up with the perfect solution. It’s light, it’s safe, its portable, it packs up flat, and it sets up rock solid in seconds. At under 3# (yes, I said 3#) you can hunt deeper and hunt safer than you ever have.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]