DIY Pullup Rope & Rope Containment System

by | Oct 18, 2022 | News & Announcements

DIY Pullup Rope & Rope Containment System

By: Adrian Wilson


If you’ve hunted in an elevated position at all, you have come to realize how important your pull-up rope is. I’ve tried pretty much all the ropes and pull up methods on the market. I don’t need anything fancy but there are definitely some things I’m looking for to make it work for me. 

I want a rope that is non-bulky, doesn’t knot up, and can easily fit in my SYS Hauler without getting tangled. I’ve found plenty of solid ropes but they have all tangled and knotted up on me. The Doyles hoist is a very nice rope and containment option but at the end of the day I found it bulkier than I’d prefer. 

DIY Pullup Rope

A few years back my girls and I were out flying kites. As I was helping them with letting the kite string out I got an idea. I went to Amazon and bought a couple different size kite handles and some paracord. I drilled a small hole into the kite handle, threaded the paracord through and tied a knot to secure it. I measured out 25ft of paracord and tied a small clip on the other end to attach to my bow. This simple inexpensive DIY has been what I’ve used ever since. The paracord never tangles or gets knotted up. The kite handle slides easily into the side pocket of my OG SYS Hauler. 

In the past I used paracord without the kite handle and tried wrapping it around my hand neatly. It never failed to get tangled and knotted up. It was such a pain to deal with in the dark and caused many wasted minutes of fooling around getting knots out of the rope. Having the kite handle allows the paracord to easily keep its form and wrap around the handle evenly.


Here is the kite handle I used from Amazon: