Wired to Hunt Podcast

Ernie, Greg, John Eberhart, and Andy May had the chance to sit down with Mark Kenyon from Wired to Hunt. We got to talk all things saddle hunting.

Subjects Discussed

  • The history that John Eberhart, Andy May, Ernie Power, and Greg Godfrey have with saddle hunting
  • The minimum equipment you need to get out saddle hunting
  • Helpful accessories to consider
  • The best ways to get up and down a tree quickly and quietly
  • Greg Godfrey’s efficient process for ascending a tree and setting up his saddle
  • Pro-tips for prepping saddle trees in the off-season
  • How comfortable are saddles and advice for customizing them for your body
  • Different positions to use in tree to extend your sits
  • Can saddles work for big people?
  • How to make perfect shots from a tree saddle
  • Advice for practicing from a saddle
  • How to pick the right trees for saddle hunting
  • Caution on moving in tree
  • Best advice for new and experienced saddle hunters