by | Aug 4, 2019 | Directions & Instructions

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1. Always attach your tether (h) when you have reached the top of your climbing method BEFORE climbing onto your Predator platform.
2. While you are safely connected to the tree with your lineman belt, pass the tether (h) loop around the tree at forehead height (figure 6).
3. Pass the free end of the rope, prusik knot (g), and carabiner through the fixed eye loop and cinch the tether tight to the tree. This is commonly known as a girth hitch or a larkshead knot (figure 7).
4. Attach the carabiner to your Amsteel fixed bridge (b) and tighten your prusik knot (g) so the tether is taut and holding your weight (figure 8).
5. Once the saddle and tether is secure, adjust your tether height for comfort. After all adjustments are complete, you may safely remove your lineman belt.

Tether safety and setup is covered in the following video.