You’ll receive two shipments for your event. One shipment will have all your giveaway items, instructions, return label, and a gift for you; the second shipment will contain all of the Tethrd demo gear. Below are instructions (a copy is also included with your items).


We have included an assortment of products for demo purposes. The sample items are all marked “DEMO”, and need to be inventoried and returned to Tethrd at the end of the event. Also included is a waiver form for demo item use. Please have attendees sign the waiver to demo the products. As another helpful tool, a spreadsheet and a packing list has been included showing you which items are giveaways, and which items are to be returned to Tethrd. Please ship the return/demo items back to Tethrd AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We need these items for the next event. A return slip has been included for your convenience. You can take the box to any UPS drop off location. If you incur any costs due to shipping, reach out to Cam and Tethrd will reimburse you.


Raffle tickets are included. A spreadsheet has also been included indicating all the giveaway items. Use the raffle tickets for the giveaway items however you see fit. The easiest way is to give everyone 3 tickets and have someone draw winners out of a box or bowl. For the Predator and Phantom giveaway, put ALL the tickets that have already won back into the bowl so everyone has an equal chance at winning. Rehearse the raffle process ahead of time so it goes smoothly.


Ask for volunteers to help you clean up the area at the conclusion of the event. It’s important we leave each venue in good condition. Do your best to avoid leaving any marks on the trees.


Make sure you have trash bags available for easy cleanup. Provided food will be Subway. Please provide a few bags (large, not the minis) of chips to share, plates, napkins, cups, and water if desired. If you incur any extra expenses from the food, Tethrd will reimburse you- please contact Cam to submit expenses.


You will be given a discount code specific to your event. The code will be valid for two weeks after your event and will be tied to each specific email address that is turned in. The code will only be valid for one purchase. We have to do it this way to prevent discount abuse and to ensure TnT attendees are using the discount. After the two week coupon time expires, we will tally the orders and send the host payment.


An email collection sheet has been included. This is how each person will receive their discount. It’s important we receive these email addresses back as soon as the event is over. In order to save time on our end, send an email to Cam ( with the collected email information. Please attach a picture of the filled out email sheet, and type out each email address on a single line separated by a comma. This will make the data entry much faster for us so hunters can get their discount fast. As soon as we receive this email from you, we can turn on the discounts for everyone. Make sure each email address is on a single line separated by a comma, for example:,,


  • Demo and giveaway items are shipped 8-9 days before the event (the Thursday or Friday of the week before your event)
    • Most people receive their shipments with a few days to spare
  • Catered food is ordered 2-3 days before the event (the Wednesday or Thursday before your event)
    • Hosts will receive an email with the order details once it is placed
  • Hosts are responsible for purchasing large bags of chips, drinks, and plates
    • Purchase for about 40-50% of registered attendees


  • Be sure to turn in your email list right away
    • Type them out- please type out all email addresses on the body of your email and attach a photo of the list; do not just send the photo without typing emails
    • Coupons are only good for 2 weeks after the event
  • Get your demo crate on its’ way back to Tethrd HQ
    • A return label is included with your directions packet
  • Email a photo of the receipt(s) to Cam for any extra costs
  • Commission and any reimbursement will be combined to one payment to the host
    • Checks will be mailed to the same shipping address provided for your demo crate and giveaway items


Thank you very much for hosting a TnT Event! Although the event is put on by Tethrd, we want this to be about promoting saddle hunting, not specifically Tethrd. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Carl|(573) 263-9241

Cam|(612) 286-0379