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SYS Hauler & SYS Hauler ES

by | Aug 4, 2019 | Directions & Instructions

The SYS Hauler Store Your Stuff Pouch is an accessory pouch to be used on your Mantis saddle to store extra items such as tether, linemans belt, cell phone, grunt call, etc. The SYS Hauler can be installed anywhere along the molle webbing of the saddle to fit your personal needs.

SYS Hauler Installation:

  1. To use your SYS Hauler, insert the 3-bar sliders (small metal clips) on the back of the pouch into the Molle loops around the waist belt of the Mantis saddle.
  2. Insert the 3-bar sliders starting from the top side of the Molle webbing on the saddle.
  3. Once the 3-bar slider is completely through the webbing, flip the 3-bar slider up so it catches the edge of the Molle webbing of the saddle.
  4. Repeat this process with the second 3-bar slider on the back of the SYS Hauler, skipping one loop of Molle on the saddle.

To remove the SYS Hauler from the saddle:

  1. Flip the 3-bar slider down and pass it through the molle webbing until it comes lose from the saddle.

The SYS Hauler can also be used as an accessory pouch on the Predator Pack, or any other pack or accessory with standard molle loops.