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Greetings Saddle Nation!

First of all – we’re LOVING all the pics showing love for Tethrd. It’s so cool to see you guys painting the Predator and getting some practice in before the season. And to the dozens of you reaching out to encourage us and let us know you have our backs…it means the world to us. It honestly makes a difference. Keep it up!

I thought we would have some good news for you today. However, we didn’t quite get what we were looking for from the manufacturer. We’ll shoot out another update in just a few days. To be clear, we have some good news in the hopper, but I’ve learned at this point not to put out dates and times without being certain. We’re expecting to send out a lot more saddles on Friday…what I’m holding back on is the sizes as well as some of the other accessories until I know for sure.

Finally – remember why you all decided to jump into saddle hunting. Don’t let a manufacturing delay get you off your game. All those benefits that sold you on the system: ultralight, packability, safety, comfort, versatility, etc., are still huge benefits even if you have to wait a little longer to realize them. Every single one of you will get your gear just as fast as we receive it. Due to these delays we’ve been working on plan B for our supply chain for several weeks now. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for the situation we’re in now.

Stay patient. We’ll keep you up to date with as much information as we can just as soon as humanly possible.

The next update will be in 3 days on Friday.

Ernie & Greg

5 replies on “Shipping Update

  • Jonathan krueger

    Greg and Ernie

    Hello just wondering when I can be Expecting my saddle? Ordered it August 30 and large in size.. if u could just give me a guess if u could.. I would appreciate it !! Can’t wait to get my Mantis and try it for the first time!!

      • Dan Smith

        I noticed this gentleman ordered a Large approximately a month ago and you now stated the Large is just going out now. My questions are what is the availability you have in the size large saddles as a kit? And if I ordered it “today” is that something that would get shipped within a few days or would I have to wait for another shipment for you to be received from manufacturer( or maybe better put is there still a lot of customers waiting for a size large saddle to be shipped in which would push my order way back?) Thanks

        • admin

          Hi Dan, we ship in order of when the order was placed. We are beginning to ship out all saddles as the inventory is received so an order placed today will most likely be shipped within a couple weeks.

    • admin

      Hi Jonathan, we will be heads down shipping through the end of Oct to meet all orders. We will send notification once yours has shipped- should be very soon!


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