Shipping Update

What’s up Tethrd Nation? For those of you whose seasons are open, hopefully you guys are getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. If you’re not one of the lucky early September opener states, it’s right around the corner! Get ready!

We received approximately 50 more XL saddles today. Those will be going in the mail tomorrow. If you are receiving a saddle, you will get tracking info in your email inbox. If you don’t receive tracking, that means we’re not quite to you.

Unfortunately we didn’t receive any Larges or Mediums just yet. But don’t get discouraged we’re getting so close! The manufacturer is working over the weekend to deliver more early next week.

The feedback we’ve received from the XLs has been amazing. Saddle Hunters are finally getting to see just how awesome the Mantis is. We put a TON of work into this thing and it really shows.

As soon as we receive more product, we’ll post updates to our website and social media. I promise we won’t sit on good news without sharing it with all of you.

The next shipping update will be in 4 days on Tuesday, September 18. Thanks for the support and the patience. It will pay off!

Ernie & Greg

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