Shipping Update 8/30/19

Big stuff happening this week at Tethrd. We have been busting our butts over the past 8-9 months getting our manufacturing sorted out to keep up with the crazy demand from all you saddle maniacs. We’ve hired more people and found new manufacturers. We have been absolutely LASER FOCUSED on decreasing wait times. We’re finally seeing some of that hard work pay off.

However, every time we increase our production…you guys buy more stuff! STOP!!!! (jk, don’t stop…I quit my job for this so I’d be kinda screwed).

HOWEVER, the Great and Powerful Ernie Power has solved our accessory problems.

EVERY SINGLE back-ordered SYS Hauler will be shipped by next week. We have GEN 2 Recliners in stock. We also have our yet to be released HYS Strap and Predator Pack in stock and ready to ship. We’ll turn those two new products live in the shop next week…be on the lookout for those. We dropped some teaser pics in the “Saddle Hunter” facebook group. If you’re not there, you might want to join.

We couldn’t source enough local sew shops to do it all. So instead we made the hard decision to have our US sew shops focus on the Mantis. This meant we weren’t making accessories fast enough. We moved the accessories overseas. That was the only way to keep up with demand. This is going to end up being a giant step forward for us and we couldn’t be more excited to get you your gear FASTER – MUCH MUCH FASTER.

Also if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been crushing our wait times like Jordan over the Pistons, like Michael Phelps over the swimming pool, like Mike Tyson over…well everyone.

We’ve knocked it down from a 12 week wait time to about 4 weeks if you ordered today. Here is this week’s update. We’ve shipped orders thru the following dates.

8/30 Update
M – thru 7/24
L – thru 7/10
XL thru 7/16
Platforms – 8/4 but are going out with saddles from July first.

We actually have more capacity coming on next week. That means in September we’ll be able to catch up even more.

We’re getting there fellas. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your support. And Thanks for being a part of the Tethrd Nation. We don’t exist without you guys.