Shipping Update 8/19/19

Shipping update for 8/23/19

Thank you for being patient this week. We decided to update today as opposed to forecasting earlier in the week as we are starting to ship larger quantities now. Waiting until Friday allows us to be more accurate on what was actually shipped in the event circumstances change during the week.

This week we shipped:

M – through order date 7/23
L – no change this week
XL – through order date 7/16
Platforms – through order date 8/1

All tracking should be updated by end of Monday night and you should then receive your email notification and tracking information as we are now packing orders through the weekend!

Larges were delayed from arriving earlier this week so will be picked up Monday and sent out as quickly as possible.

For all who have waited for SYS haulers and recliners- THEY ARE SET TO ARRIVE MID NEXT WEEK and in very large quantities!! It will take a bit of organized time to get them all unpacked, then packed up and shipped- but will be working tirelessly to get these out to you over the following weeks. We will update specifics each week for what we were able to ship.

Thank you very much for your continued support. We are very excited for hunting season and are working to get your products to your door as quickly as possible.