Shipping Update 8/12/19

Shipping update for the week of August 12th:
Saddles are catching up! So exciting.
This week we are shipping out orders through order dates of:
Mediums 7/14
Larges 7/4
XL 7/5
Platforms 7/23
Please remember we are generating shipping labels early in the week and packing up all throughout the week into Saturday so UPS will scan when they pick yours up from our shop during the week. So your shipping notice could take even through Monday to get that confirmation email.
Great news on accessories: SYS, SYSES, and Recliners: we are shipping in small quantities this week and next for those still backordered. However, our main shipment will arrive end of next week and we will have PLENTY to fulfill all orders. It might take a couple days to get through all of the backorders on these, but they are very close to being in your hands.
MiniVersa Straps that were ordered last week are shipping this week. We will have more in stock the end of this week to continue orders.
Regular Versa Straps will also be released. Keep an eye on the store for that option!
Thank you again for your continued support!