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Greetings Tethrd Nation. It’s time for another update.

We shipped a WHOLE BUNCH of Predator platforms this week and the feedback has been great! We’re so happy to finally get this stuff in your hands! Each platform came with paper instructions for attaching it to the tree, but we’ll go over some of the most important things here for those of you that are still waiting on your Predator.

1. First, strap it to the tree with the platform in “up” or “transport position. Pull the strap as tight as humanly possible and keep the strap level.
2. Once the strap is tight, push down with one hand on the top of the i-beam post. Push down hard. You’re trying to remove all the slack in the strap. The post and bracket should move downward a few inches depending on the type of tree.
3. Continue to push down as hard as you can and then rotate/cam the platform down letting the teeth bite into the tree. It should take some effort to push the platform all the way down. You may have to repeat this process depending on the tree.

For most people, the platform is now ready to hunt. Depending on the tree, you may have to use the “toe hook” method to really get it tight. First, stand on top of the post with one foot, and use your toes from your other foot to hook the platform and rotate it back into the “up” or “transport” position. The Predator should move down a couple inches on the tree. Next, step back down on the platform to lock it in super tight. This is the same method used with some hang-on tree stands. The “toe hook” method should only be a last resort if the platform doesn’t get tight enough with the “push down” method.

Don’t jump up and down on the Predator! It’s strong, but it’s not designed to be a trampoline! Also, keep in mind it’s designed to be used WITH a saddle! The Predator is a positioning aid, not a tree stand.

Finally, look for a video tomorrow on the Tethrd Nation YouTube Channelshowing this process in detail.

Regarding the Mantis and the other sewn goods. I just now got off the phone with the manufacturer in Minnesota. Unfortunately, they’re not going to make the anticipated delivery date of next week. We’re looking at a new delivery date of the first week in September and being caught up by the middle of the month. I know this really effects some of you guys whose season opens up really early. I sincerely apologize for the delay.

I know, I know, I know – this is not what anyone wanted to hear, least of all me. I’m having chest pains from typing this out. However, bad news is not a fine wine…it doesn’t get better with time. I have the responsibility to keep all of you informed even though it’s painful.

The good news is I know every single one of you is going to love the Mantis once you get your hands on it. It’s that awesome. It’s comfortable, it’s user friendly, it’s light weight, and it’s tough as nails. I hung in the final prototype this morning when I finally got a chance to mess with the production Predator platform. Believe me when I say this combo is going to be a GAME CHANGER and it will revolutionize how you hunt.

We appreciate the support and the understanding. Hang in there guys!

Greg & Ernie

10 replies on “Shipping update

  • Mike Bristow

    Just want you all to know, the updates are great!! We’ve all had disappointment in life but don’t beat yourself up over it! I’m still just as excited to get my Mantis now as I was the day I ordered it! I for one am willing and do understand the wait and that you’re dealing with a manufacturer that doesn’t have their heart in the game like you guys do! For the time being I really just wanted to thank you for just that! Your honesty and heartfelt sincerity are more than enough, I know you want every order to be here now (so do I) but no worries guys! I’m still excited and can’t wait to try a saddle, YOUR saddle, for the first time ever!!! Thank you!

  • rmoff03

    Hey guys,
    I understand the complexity of breaking out a new product and how missed deadlines can mess things up. The predator seems to be the only thing you can and are shipping right now. The mantis is way more important to most of us I would think. I want to see it ,wear it, adjust it , and shoot from it. Please understand I support you guyz 100% . I have trust and faith that I will kill something from my mantis this year. What I don`t know is how are you going to get me my mantis in time. I`m very concerned. Please keep this in mind and let us know as soon as the first one ships and how many are being shipped each day if possible. We need daily updates untill you are caught up if you can . Please don`t leave me hanging in anything but a Mantis
    Rick Moffatt (SLOMO)

  • Alan Malone

    Hey guys. Can’t wait to get my new saddle. It will be my first time saddle hunting. I ordered July 19. Any chance I’ll have one in time for the NC archery opener September 8? Just need to know if I should start patterning a big buck? ????

  • Timothy Barnhouse

    Keep up the good work fellas! I just want to thank all of you for everything you are doing for us saddle hunters. I for one am not disappointed you guys. You have did everything you can to get it here on time. I would rather have a safe product that will last me for years to come. We all will be able to hunt places we never could hunt before. That just means more opportunities for us to put a big buck on the wall. Everything you have done with the updates and the product that you are making for us is greatly appreciated. Don’t stress over what is out of your control. Thank all of sincerely!

  • Dale Peterman

    Hi guys,
    Please keep up the good work. I truly believe that the proof is in the product and I can be as patient as possible while you get everything perfected. Can not wait to have all my stuff in front of me and make the switch to the “Dark Side” of saddle hunting. After thinking about it for 4 years it is the Tethrd Nation and all that you guys are doing to put out an awesome product that got me to jump,in fully and completely. You have convinced me so much that I have 17 traditional tree stands that I have put up and taken down for 23 years sitting in the barn. Going into the saddle for me. Is a 100% all or nothing commitment. Thanks for all you do and your service to the USA. Dale P

  • Mick Fiorino

    Stay the course. Although I am new to saddle hunting i can say i am hooked and excited to get into the saddle. Having never held the products I still believe they are going to be great and fully support you in your efforts. Everything will come together. TETHRD NATION


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