Shipping Update

Greetings Tethrd Nation! It’s time for another shipping update.

We have been GUARANTEED by the manufacturer that our ZipCam Straps for the Predator platform will be delivered by Tuesday, August 14th. Assuming that happens, a whooooooooooole bunch of you will be receiving Predators this week. As mentioned in a previous update, everything is assembled, boxed, prepped, and stamped. We’re only waiting on the straps.

The other sewn goods (Mantis saddles, SYS Haulers, Mantis Recliners, etc.) are in the final stages of production as we speak. We’ve been told we’ll start receiving them this week, but I’m not quite ready to hang my hat on that just yet. I’ve had my heart broken one too many times in this process to get all googly-eyed about grabbing a handful of Mantis mesh and caressing that sweet supple ultra-light, yet ultra-strong webbing construction.

I know some of you are nervous about getting in “saddle shape” before the season. You’re worried you won’t have enough time to learn the system, and nail down your process. That’s a valid concern. After all, that’s why we launched in late May to take advantage of those boring summer days while there’s no hunting to be done. However, let me assure you, getting in “saddle shape” isn’t all that difficult. Although the term “shape” is used, it doesn’t necessarily relate to fitness, but more specifically, it relates to getting used to the different geometry and positions of saddle hunting. After 30 minutes in the back yard at ground level tied to your tether, you’ll be 70% there. The rest will come from a few target practice sessions, and a couple dry runs at setting up your platform and tether while figuring out where you’re most comfortable. So don’t be too nervous about having enough time to be prepared.

I’ll make another update later this week and should be able to give you a real solid date for Mantis shipments.

Thanks for the support. Thanks for joining Tethrd Nation. Thanks for reading these long updates. Now get out there and check your trail cameras.

Ernie & Greg

16 replies on “Shipping Update

  • bobmolinari

    Greg – I just ordered a tether rope and linesman rope.

    I ordered my mantis back in May.

    Do you think the two ropes will ship with the mantis or come later?



  • Ari Lauanne

    Do you have all stuff in stock ready to buy and ship or are they made by order only?
    I’m from Finland and this saddle thing is all new for me but would be interested to get equipment for this season… (begins 1.9.)



  • Mark


    Like everybody else, I’m anxious to receive my platform. I ordered it on June 2nd, and the order # is 3754 and was hoping it would go out in the first shipment. I did not receive shipping info, so guessing not. Please provide an update so that I plan accordingly.


  • Leon Lawrence

    Looking at ordering the Predator platform in the next few days. Any projections on an approximate ship date should I place my order by 8-17-18?

  • Connor Jacoby

    Is there an estimated time frame on when new orders would be sent out? Looking to order my first saddle and would like to go with the mantis but if I can’t get it by the last week in September I might look elsewhere. My season starts October 1st and would like a week at least to practice this new hunting system. Thanks

  • kendallvandgrift

    Just ordered my Mantis on the 24 and I want it now … we get a estimated time or a tracking link.. freakin excited to get this thing..


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