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What’s going on Tethrd Nation? We’ve got some good news, some bad news, and then some better news. Let’s start with the good news.

We are finished testing the Mantis Saddle…for now!!!! We were able to finally get it in the lab after multiple delays and get an idea about just how strong this thing really is. The Mantis pulled to just over 3,000 lbs before it broke the machine. Yup, that’s right. The Mantis broke the pull test machine. The Mantis is so tough, so strong, so brutal, so herculean that IT BROKE THE PULL TEST MACHINE!

So the good news is, we’re happy enough with the 3k pound rating to get the Mantis in your hands. The bad news is we don’t yet know just how strong this thing really is. We expect it to pull at over 5,000 pounds, but we have to find a new testing facility. However, we don’t believe you guys (and gals) should have to wait for us to find a new test facility. We’ve signed off on the test results and are expecting final production line Mantis saddles to begin rolling in. Just as soon as we have those, we’ll box them up and ship them out.

And the better news…we have our first run of Predators complete and assembled! Ernie and his minions have been working their fingers to the bone to get the greatest platform the world has ever seen ready for the Tethrd Nation. The Predator truly is amazing, but we know as soon as you maniacs get it in your hands, you’ll come up with creative ways to make it even BETTER! If you only ordered a Predator platform, those will go in the mail starting next week. If you ordered a Mantis as well, your Predator will ship with your Mantis.

We’ve said it over and over again because it’s true: there’s no way any of this could happen without your support. We’re getting encouraging emails,and private messages, and notes on social media every single day. It means the world to us that the Tethrd Nation has our back. We’re truly doing everything in our power to create the best saddle hunting equipment in the world and get it in your hands as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for the next update and shipping notices for those of you who have a Predator on the way.

Ernie & Greg

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