Shipping Update 3/29/19

Finally Friday and time for the next update as promised. We sent out about 200 packages this past week including saddles, platforms and accessory orders. Each week we are shipping more and more and the wait will soon be over!

Saddle orders were sent this past week up through the below dates based on the size of the saddle:

Mediums are shipped thru 1/25
Larges are shipped thru 1/13
XL are shipped thru 2/5
Platform only orders are shipped thru- 3/25

If you ordered a Platform on same order as saddle then we will ship when the saddle is available to ship.

Accessories orders without sys haulers are up to date. If you ordered a SYS Hauler we will ship your entire accessory order once the SYS Haulers are back in stock in very short order. No worries we will ship all past orders who are still waiting on SYS Haulers as soon as we can once they are back in stock.

Thank you again for your patience and we are excited to have your support.