Shipping Update

Shipping update!

For this week saddles are shipped through order dates of:

Medium 5/11
Large 6/14
XL 5/4

Next week will be mostly Mediums and XLs saddles shipping.

SYS haulers are coming slowly and we have engaged another manufacturer to speed this up over the next few weeks. We are receiving small batches at a time and are sending out as we receive them.

Platforms: we are waiting on the tree straps before we can fulfill these orders. The straps are expected in the next week and will then we will quickly catch up on platforms.

Reminder that if your packing slip shows a “-1” to your order number, read the red lettering note that states you have a partial order and any backordered items will be sent separately. We want to send you everything as quickly as possible so we are shipping partial orders.

Our second saddle sewing manufacturing is coming online and catching us up quickly and our new accessory manufacturer will make leaps and bounds on those favorite must-haves in the next two weeks.

We thank you for supporting us during the longer than expected wait times. We are so very excited to get you into your gear as quickly as we can.