Shipping Update

March 2019 – We are in the last stages of our new sewing manufacturer getting up and running! We are receiving saddles starting next week (3/25/19) and will continue to receive large shipment quantities each week. This will allow us to quickly close the gap between order date and fulfillment date. We are very excited with our new supplier’s expertise, quality and the ability to keep up with the demand. As we are receiving the saddles we will provide more detailed date range updates, but we will wait until we have them in hand so we can be very specific.

A huge shipment of “platforms – only” orders were shipped out yesterday (3/16/19) bringing us to within 15 days of order date! Platforms with saddle orders will ship when the saddle is fulfilled.

SYS Haulers and SBW Heaters are expected next week (3/25/19) and will be shipped to those still waiting for these items to complete their orders.

We thank you for your patience and support as we get Tethrd products back on the shelf! We apologize for those who had to wait a bit longer than the original fulfillment expectations. We are on the path to where it will be a very short window from order to ship!

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