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Greetings Tethrd Nation! I hope the rut has treated you well. If you’re still on your rutcation, or still looking to fill a tag, good luck!!!!!

We will have shipped over 200 Predator platforms by the end of this week! We’re getting them in the mail just as fast as we can put them together. We also expect our final order of Mantis Saddles to be delivered in phases starting right after Thanksgiving. That means we’ll be TOTALLY caught up with all orders once they arrive! We’re soooooooo close!

Here’s the update:
Mantis Saddles – all sizes out of stock until the week after Thanksgiving when we start receiving them in batches. We will ship the earliest orders and will have plenty to fulfill all orders once all are received over the next few weeks.
Predator Platforms – Caught up through mid-October by the end of this week. Next supply expected in early Dec for any orders not fulfilled.
Mantis Recliner – back ordered for new orders. Expected back in stock early Dec.
Ropeman 1 – Awaiting stock on approximately December 10th
All other accessories available for order and will ship within a week of placing the order.

It’s hard to put into words how appreciative we are of the support hunters have shown throughout this process. It’s humbling and encouraging. Sure, there are a few fellers that get boisterous and need to vent sometimes on social media…and that’s ok. I would probably be a little irritated if I was in some of your shoes. For those of you that have waited and waited and waited, yet still remain patient and understanding, we can not thank you enough. You are the reason for all the stress, super late nights, and hard work.

To those of you that are tired of waiting and annoyed…we get it. We’re happy to give your money back, no questions asked. However, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…never sacrifice the future on the altar of the immediate. The Tethrd system will change the way you hunt. It’s worth the wait. Stay patient, and work with us. By sticking with it, you’re supporting the world’s only company created by saddle hunters for saddle hunters. Stick with us as we fight through these growing pains. You’re not going to believe what we have in store for next year.

As we move into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season – keep in mind what’s really important. Saddle hunting is great, but family, friends, and faith are what it’s really all about. After all those are some of the only things that will actually last longer than a Mantis Saddle 🙂

Ernie & Greg

One reply on “Shipping Update

  • james nichols

    Hi my name is James Nichols order#5662, I received everything except one SYS Hauler ES ,
    wanted to order the heater for the mantis but waiting to see if the SYS Hauler ES come in first.


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