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Greetings Saddle Fanatics! We’ve been unbelievably busy since the last update. You guys have been killing a lot of deer and sending us awesome pics, and we’re still trying to get all caught up on orders. The good news is there’s light at the end of the back order tunnel…

Mantis Saddle
M – Shipped through the first week(ish) of August. The next batch of Mediums will be delivered to us in approximately 2 weeks and will catch us up through October.
L – Shipped through the third week(ish) of August. We have another shipment due in this week that will catch up all larges through October 29th.
XL – Shipped through the first 2 weeks(ish) of October. The next shipment delivered to us is 3(ish) weeks away.

Predator Platform
We’re expecting a really big tiered shipment over the next 10-12 days (starting today, Oct 29th) that will fulfill all current orders and get us out of the back order tunnel. Woohoo!!

Lineman Belts – back in stock, ready to ship.
Tethers – back in stock, ready to ship.
Carabiners – In stock, ready to ship.
Ropemans – SOLD OUT. We bought every Ropeman we could find in the continental US at full retail prices so we could fulfull all our current orders. The next shipment isn’t due in for 6 weeks.
MicroFit Adjusters – In stock, ready to ship.
SYS Haulers – In stock, ready to ship.
SYS Haulers ES – In stock, ready to ship.
Mantis Recliners – In stock, ready to ship.
SBW Heaters – In stock, ready to ship.

We’re diligently plugging away at all the partial orders we shipped throughout this process. When possible we combine orders but don’t always catch them. You may get partial shipments. If that’s the case, just reach out and we’ll make sure everything makes its way to your gear closet.

With the crazy volume of email/facebook/SH forum/Instagram inquiries, it’s extremely difficult to respond about a specific order status. We could literally spend 4-6 hours a day just responding to correspondence. So if you don’t get an email in response to “when will order xx ship”, understand that’s why. The best updates are these weekly(ish) updates we’re sending out.

Thank you so much for the patience and support you guys have graciously shown throughout this process. We’re moving as fast as humanly possible, but we just weren’t prepared for the amount of hunters who wanted to jump on the saddle train. Thank you so much for choosing Tethrd. The wait will be worth it.

Greg & Ernie

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  • james nichols

    Hello this is James Nichols order#5662, I received 1 tethrd freebie, 1 mantis recliner, 1 mantis m, and it shows on the invoice I received 2 sys hauler es, but only got 1, still waiting for 1 predator platform, 1 lineman belt, 1 tree tether, and 2 ropeman 1 ascender wich is 4-6 weeks out wich you already explained in your news letter. Just wanted to give you a heads up so I don’t miss out on my other sys hauler es, thanks much. By the way the product looks great , can wait to put to the test!


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