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Tethrd nation – it’s time for another update. It’s been a little longer on this update because we were waiting for verification on some really good news.

And the good news is: we received ALL OUR ACCESSORIES! That’s right, all of them! SYS Haulers, Microfit Adjusters, Mantis Recliners and SBW Heaters are all in stock and shipping NOW! They turned out amazing! Some of you have already started to receive them and the feedback is great. We also have some video instructions in the works for the Mantis Recliner and the SBW Heater since those aren’t quite as intuitive as the SYS Hauler. Look for those videos to be released on the Tethrd Nation YouTube channel this week.

Mantis XL – we are caught up with all orders and have a small amount of inventory.
Mantis L – These have seen the biggest increase in production and we will be caught up on all orders by the end of October.
Mantis M – These are coming in a bit slower and will be caught up in the first part of November.
Predator Platform – The manufacturer ran into delays and we’re expecting our next shipment by the end of this week and another big shipment at the end of next week. After we receive the second shipment, we will be totally caught up and have a small amount of inventory.
Lineman Belts – in stock, ready to ship.
Tethers – in stock, ready to ship.
Carabiners – in stock, ready to ship.
Ropemans – SOLD OUT. Not due in for 6 weeks.
MicroFit Adjusters – in stock, ready to ship.
SYS Haulers – in stock, ready to ship.
SYS Haulers ES – in stock, ready to ship.
Mantis Recliners – in stock, ready to ship.
SBW Heaters – in stock, ready to ship.

For those of you who received partial orders, we’re deep in the process of catching up on those now. We’re sending out hundreds of boxes a week until we get caught up. Ernie hired a bunch of people to help expedite the shipping process so you guys get your gear as fast as humanly possible.

As you can see, we’re slowly but surely getting Tethrd gear in the mail. Has it been an ideal process? Certainly not. We wish the process would have gone much more smoothly and quickly. However, we’ve done our best to keep you informed and get boxes out the door just as fast as humanly possible. Ernie, Val (Ernie’s wife), and their Minnesota crew have been working their saddles off to get everything boxed and shipped. They’re the true heroes of this operation! Try to keep in mind that we had no idea this experiment would attract so many hunters. We only had goals of getting the best gear into the hands of a few saddle hunters. It’s humbling how many want to join the Tethrd Nation. Talk about a surprise!!!!

We’ll send out another update soon. Thanks for the support! Now get out there and arrow a chasing buck!

Greg & Ernie

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  • Jonathan krueger

    Do you think we could get an update on the saddles please?!! Still going to be all caught up on larges by the end of October??


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