Shipping update

What’s crack-a-lackin Tethrd Nation? I hope this update finds you well, and maybe even a few of you lucky ones will be reading it on your phone while you’re hunting.

Here’s where we stand on shipping:
Mantis XL – we are caught up with all orders and have a small amount of inventory.
Mantis L – we will be caught up on orders through June 20th by this weekend.
Mantis M – we will be caught up on orders through July 12th by this weekend.
Predator Platforms – we are out of stock and expect the next shipment by the end of next week.
Lineman Belts – in stock, ready to ship.
Tethers – in stock, ready to ship.
Carabiners – in stock, ready to ship.
Ropemans – in stock, ready to ship.
MicroFit Adjusters – in stock, ready to ship. We are shipping to close out orders for those missing them.
SYS Haulers – awaiting inventory
SYS Haulers ES – we received our first batch and are sending them out based on order date.
Mantis Recliners – awaiting inventory
SBW Heaters – awaiting inventory

We’re getting bigger and bigger deliveries at least twice a week so we’re shipping quite a lot. We expect to be COMPLETELY caught up in the next couple weeks.

There you go. That’s the whole kit & kaboodle. Keep in mind the dates above are subject to a little flexibility by a day or so. If you ordered inside those dates and you believe we missed you, please reach out to us at

While we love answering emails, it actually isn’t all that helpful to email us to ask what your individual status is. That’s why we’re sending out mass updates at least once a week. We DO NOT have a reliable delivery schedule from our manufacturer so we can’t tell you when the order you placed on [insert your order date here] will be shipped. Sometimes we receive 100 saddles, others we receive 40.

I like to end each update with telling you guys how awesome you all are. That’s because it’s true. Tethrd Nation is really making a big difference in the hunting world, and that’s completely because you all believed in us enough to support Tethrd. Also…we’ve got some killer things in the prototype stage right now. 2019 (maybe late 2018 if everything goes right) is going to be an awesome year for saddle hunters.

Now get out there and shoot a booner!

Ernie & Greg

3 replies on “Shipping update

  • james nichols

    Hi my name is James Nichols, I put an order in August, I ordered a large mantis, can I get a medium in stead? My order#5662 0n the 8/12/2018.

  • Arthur Klajnowski

    Anything new that you will be working on? Like a new different design saddle I want to but a Mantis but I would like to see what comes out next. I can be patient I have 3 different saddles I can use plus my Predator platform. Just curious.


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