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Greetings Tethrd Nation!

If you haven’t heard already, we received our first batch of Mediums! Those are hitting the mail tomorrow and Monday. We didn’t receive as many as promised, but at least we’re moving forward. You will receive shipping notification if your order is being filled. If you don’t receive shipping notification, you’ll be included in the next batch.

We also received another load of XLs which puts us almost complete with that size!

Another bit of good news is our first batch of SYS Haulers, Mantis Recliners, MicroFit Adjusters and SBW Heaters are due in next week along with the first batch of Larges. We expect more and more inventory to continue to roll in over the next several weeks.

Concerning the Predators, we have a small run due in next week and a BIG batch due in the first week of October. We’re currently completely out of stock. However, the big batch should get us back to even. Everything is definitely moving in the right direction.

Thanks again for your patience as we get through this. And thank you for all the love on social media, it means a lot and helps us preach saddle hunting to the masses.

The next update will be early next week.

Ernie & Greg

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