S01E06-Smelling Armpits in Montana

by | Oct 3, 2019 | News & Announcements, tethrd nation podcast

Welcome to the Tethrd Nation Podcast: Your #1 Saddle Hunting Resource.

On this episode Greg, Ernie, Jim, and Aaron talk elk hunting in Montana. Jim Webley and Aaron are hunting guides with Northwest Montana Outfitters located near Noxon, MT.

We talk

  • Montana Elk Hunting Tactics
  • Smelling arm pits
  • Who covered more miles? Greg or Ernie?
  • Judy, the ugliest cow elk in the world
  • Ernie’s shot opportunity
  • What is a trophy elk?
  • Hunting regulations that don’t make sense
  • Trophy librarians
  • How to estimate distance in the mountains
  • What boots to buy for elk hunting
  • Biggest mistakes first time elk hunters make
  • Best advice from an elk guide