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The REVEAL X-Pro is ideal for locations with limited access or to put on your hunting properties. Start seeing the action as it’s happening even when you’re not in the woods!

The REVEAL X-Pro cellular camera is not only small and discreet but powerful enough to handle the extreme outdoor weather. Its fast trigger and no glow IR technology will freeze the action day or night without spooking wildlife.

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• Requires a Tactacam, SanDisk, or Lexar Class 10, U3 SD Card, 16GB-32GB
• Requires 12 AA Batteries
• No Glow IR Technology effectively eliminates all visible flash
• Adjustable Night Illumination at 80+ft
• Detect animals at 96+ft
• Sub 1/2s Trigger Speeds
• Exceptional detection in all weather
• IP66 Waterproof Certified
• Built-in LCD Screen
• Built-in GPS
• Request HD Photos From App (Additional data charges may apply)
• Request Video From App (Additional data charges may apply)

• Hybrid Mode allowing more pictures to be taken and sent instantly
• External Port for Solar Panel
• One Year Warranty
• In-house Customer Service
• USA developed and supported App
• Activate cameras only when you need them
• Reveal X Pro operates on AT&T or Verizon Nationwide LTE/4G Networks (SIM card change required)
• LED indicator showing signal strength and battery level
• Uploads thumbnail images with HD image requests (Additional data charges may apply)
• Month-to-Month Data plans
• No Contracts/Activation fees
• Easy to use mobile app with daily camera status reports

Lithium Cartridge

Tactacam REVEAL Lithium Cartridge – The Tactacam REVEAL Lithium Cartridge is a long-life rechargeable battery for Reveal Cameras. The Cartridge is charged with the included 5V Type C USB cable. For best performance charge completely before using. The Lithium Cartridge is not compatible with the REVEAL Gen 1.

  • No more time wasted loading AA batteries
  • Eliminates excessive battery waste
  • Saves money on non-rechargeable batteries over the life of your Reveal Cameras
  • There is a small red indicator light on the battery cartridge. When the battery is connected to the power cable:
    • Charging = solid / constant / not blinking
    • Fully Charged = no light / LED is off
    • Error = blinking / LED is flashing (Error typically occurs if the charger is not the correct voltage, 5V)
      **12V port does not charge the battery, it only powers the camera
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GEN 2.0, PRO, SD card (32gb), Solar Panel, Lithium Cartridge