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The Recliner is the #1 comfort accessory for long sits during prime-time. Since we believe in modular design that works for all hunters, it will work with any saddle on the market.

*carabiner not included. Used for size reference only.

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The Recliner just might be the #1 Accessory for saddle hunting comfort.

The great thing about the Recliner is that it provides incredible comfort without being heavy or bulky. We designed the Recliner to fit easily into the SYS Hauler so you can carry it with you on every single hunt. Plus, with the redesigned hook-up method, all you have to do is clip into your carabiner...easy-peasy.

It only weighs 4 ounces and packs up to the size of a tennis ball. There's no downsides to this thing.

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Weight 3.68 oz
Dimensions 12.25 × 6 × 1 in

6 reviews for Recliner

  1. Merle Hacker (verified owner)

    I wasnt sure how much Id use the Recliner but I decided to order one anyway and give it a shot. Im glad I did. Its small enough to pack away in one of your dump pouches and never know its there until you need it. When you decide to put it on its super quiet, quick, and easy to hook up (I have the Gen 2 version). I dont use it every time I hunt but Im glad I have it for those longer sets. I think it really shines when your in the sitting position with your knees into the tree. I can set like that and adjust the recliner to be very comfortable. If the summit viper is 10/10 in the comfort category then I think this brings the saddle to a 9/10. Really good product!

  2. Keith Baro (verified owner)

    I made a few recliners and improvised with other straps I had in my setup. This is way better. I just ordered it and have been doing some practice hangs with it. It has great surface area on the back and it’s strong enough to really recline back.

  3. Jeff Fowler

    New to saddle hunting this year. I was thinking I might have made a mistake, being used to hunting out of milinium lock on and summit viper until I order the recliner. Man , what a difference this thing makes !!!! Love it , get one you won’t regret it!

  4. Dahudso (verified owner)

    World of difference when in the tree for hours. Must have piece of equipment

  5. Jonathan Sivert (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure how much I would use the recliner, but I wouldn’t hang all day without it. Makes any position comfortable – leaning, sitting with knees against the tree, or side saddling. Highly recommend. Definitely quality material and made to last.

  6. Dan (verified owner)

    I finally remembered to bring this recliner along for my hunts last weekend and now I feel foolish for ever going out without it. The flexibility to easily adjust how you distribute your weight and modify your body angle in the saddle using this is worth it by itself. On top of that, it just makes sitting for hours so much more comfortable. Theres no reason for me not to have with me at all times.

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