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Menace Saddle

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We built the Menace for the more fully-figured man. It’s also a more budget friendly option to get you started in the saddle hunting game.

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The Tethrd Menace comes in 3 sizes to fit nearly every body type. It's designed for maximum "cup" for the more full figured saddle hunters. If you are a sitter, you'll love the Menace.

The Menace saddle is made with heavy duty MILSPEC components. We searched high and low for materials that were light weight, durable, and extremely strong.

The Menace comes with a fixed 30″ Dynalite™ bridge. Our proprietary Dynalite™ material is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and is one of the strongest pound for pound fibers on the planet.  It’s stronger than steel. It floats. It’s weather resistant. It’s ultralight. It can hold a Jeep. Dynalite™ is perfect for outdoor applications. There’s no metal, no bulk, and it’s crazy strong. Looking for the down side? Good luck.

The Menace has built in lineman loops to encourage safety while climbing. Using a lineman belt allows the hunter to climb the tree while remaining connected. Use the lineman belt to have better control of your body during the ascent. This ensures you climb quietly, safely, and more efficiently.

The Menace has the popular MicroFit Adjusters built right in. The MicroFit Adjusters allow you to easily dial in your comfort.

If you’re looking to be a more efficient hunter and eliminate as much weight and bulk as possible, congratulations…mission accomplished.

30"-34" = MEDIUM
34"-38" = LARGE
38"-44" = EXTRA LARGE

Rating: 300 lbs

Click here for detail setup instructions.

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Weight 30 oz
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M, L, XL

13 reviews for Menace Saddle

  1. Warren Claflin (verified owner)

    This is my first hunting saddle so I can’t say I have a ton of experience with saddles, but I think this still deserves 5 stars without question. It’s incredibly well made and well thought out. Also, even after reading reviews, significantly more comfortable than I could have possibly hoped for.

  2. Ryan (verified owner)

    My first saddle but to me I’m comfortable in it. I am a lineman ap so use to climbing poles and trusting my gear and I am also confident in this equip. Very fun to play with

  3. Lee (verified owner)

    A huge improvement over my DIY sit drag and rock climbing harness. I have hunted out of the Menace three times now from before sunrise to after sunset. Very comfortable whether I am sitting or leaning. I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a saddle.

  4. Tony Sangialosi (verified owner)

    I started with a phantom, but due to excessive twerking, I have a big butt and I cannot lie. Although the other hunters can deny.

    I hunted for a week in Indiana recently and im proud to say, this was extremely comfortable and did its job. The ONLY negative is the noise it makes when youre walking. However im not going to be a little bitc* and knock it, if you’re that concerned then pack it in! Great job!

  5. (verified owner)

    I’m two hunts in with this saddle and saddle hunting all together. I’m climbing up trees I’d never otherwise be able to get into and it’s so much quieter.

  6. Zak grado (verified owner)

    The saddle itself is outstanding! The quality of the saddle is worth the price. I bought mine larger than I should have, however, the sizing adjust belt can cover a huge spectrum. Just stick to your waist waist size and don’t worry about getting it a little loose. If your going to do business with any saddle company it should be Tethrd.

  7. John Reece (verified owner)

    I’ve tried all the Tethrd saddles. This is the most comfortable for me leaning or sitting. I like the saddle material, but it is noisy. I can’t wear it in. I put it on when I get to the base of the tree. I’m hoping it will quiet down once it gets some wear.

  8. Jody Harkey (verified owner)

    This is my first saddle, and while the comfort of the material is nice, I would have expected a more user friendly item. My SYS hauler loops were either undersized or defective, and I had to use a hard wooden dowel to push the metal piece through sideways. It certainly didn’t slide right through the loops as easily as advertised. I would also have expected the predator XL platform to arrive with the bracket fully assembled. It was a minor inconvenience, but I am unsure why there are two brackets.
    I had also requested that the two ropemans be installed on the tether and lineman ropes. This was not done.

  9. Jody Harkey (verified owner)

    Love the saddle, but the SYS haulers are extremely difficult to attach – so much so that I almost returned the entire setup.

  10. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Check out this video for a more in-depth look at this Saddle

  11. Alec Groh (verified owner)

    This is my first and only saddle I’ve used, but I absolutely love it and have no intention of ever wanting or needing another model. It is solid, secure, and comfortable. I’m 6’1, 175 lbs., and wear 32” waist Levi’s. The medium size fits me perfectly; no need to be full-figured either to enjoy the cupping fit.

  12. Erik Werner (verified owner)

    Saddle is very well made, however, it is loud. Looking at the pictures prior to purchase the main pouch material looks like a canvas type material. It is actually a nylon cordura type fabric. Similar to a nylon duffle bag. I am hoping it will quiet down with some break in. Aside from that it is very light, and made of quality materials.

  13. william mccully (verified owner)

    Got my saddle last year and this is the way to go. This model is perfect for sitting in all day. Took a buck on opening day of bow in New York and I will never use a climber again. From a 5” diameter tree to boot. Try that in a climber!

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