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Mantis Saddle

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The Tethrd Mantis Saddle is the culmination of years of combined research and testing. At barely 1 pound, it’s easily the world’s most ultralight elevated hunting system. Don’t mistake it’s diminutive size and weight to mean light duty. The Mantis is strong…real strong. Its constructed of premium materials that are rated for many thousands of pounds. It could make a saddle hunter out of a Jeep if a Jeep could climb a tree and shoot a bow.

The Mantis is constructed with the same MILSPEC mesh used to build the U.S. Military’s Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV), better known to civilians as body armor. This ultra strong, weather resistant knit fabric provides 2 way stretch, and ultimate air circulation for extreme comfort. The load bearing components of the saddle are made with 6,000 lb webbing as well as load-bearing rated hardware in the belt. The bridge loops and load bearing lineman belt loops are then reinforced with 3,000 lb tubular webbing for extreme abrasion resistance and durability.

To keep the Mantis in place we designed a load bearing waist belt with a load rated buckle and quick attach adjustable leg loops (not load bearing). With the load bearing belt and the leg loops attached, it’s virtually impossible for the hunter to fall from the saddle. The Saddle body holds the user’s weight, while the belt and leg loops only function to hold the Mantis on the hunter.

For a complete list of details and features, check out the Mantis Story here.

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  • INCLUDED – Fixed 1/4″ Amsteel Blue bridge at 30″
  • INCLUDED – Dedicated lineman loops
  • INCLUDED – Molle attachment system for modular accessory upgrades
  • INCLUDED – MILSPEC Mesh construction with 2-way stretch for ultimate comfort
  • MicroFit Ready
  • SBW Ready
  • Recliner Ready
  • SYS Hauler Ready

16.5 ounces – Size M
17.2 ounces – Size L
18 ounces – Size XL

*300 lb weight limit
**Pictures are of final prototype. Production version may vary slightly.

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M, L, XL

5 reviews for Mantis Saddle

  1. Matt

    I decided to make the switch from traditional hang on tree stands to a saddle after last season. I was tired of carrying heavy tree stands into the woods, the risk of leaving them on public land and having them stolen, and the difficulty in moving spots easily. I got on the internet after hearing some interesting things about saddle hunting on a podcast and the rabbit hole eventually led me to this here website. I purchased the Mantis saddle and have been blown away at the change in my ability to be quiet and mobile in the deer woods. The saddle itself took a little getting use to. The comfort wasn’t immediate either. But I immediately saw what a better system it was than traditional stands and kept at it and now, less than a month into it have a dialed, comfortable set up in a saddle that allows me to be a super mobile and adaptable hunter. You couldn’t get me to carry a tree stand into the woods ever again! Thanks Tethrd!

    • admin

      This is awesome! Thanks for giving it a chance!

  2. Jake

    This saddle is amazing. I’ve hunted with a Lone Wolf stand for years now and I probably won’t go back. I put my Mantis on at the truck and set up wherever I find some fresh sign. Very simple transition from stand to saddle. I’m even doing all day sits with this thing and it’s more comfortable for me than any stand I’ve used. I love it, thanks for an incredible product.

  3. Art

    I decided to try a saddle this year for mobile hunting on a trip to hunt Public Land in Ohio after last year when I struggled to find a straight enough tree for my hang on stand. The Mantis is very comfortable, extremely light weight, and so much easier to use than traditional tree stands. I’ve sold my XOP stand as I won’t be needing any more. Thanks for making such a great product!

  4. pat.rogers

    Wow. I thought I was light weight and mobile with my Lone Wolf climber, which is a great stand that I never thought I’d stop using, them I stumbled onto this absolute game changer! I don’t get the opportunity to hunt private much so I am slowly being forced to hunt more public and we all know that story. Deeper and farther is the name of the game. With that said. The learning curve was surprisingly easy and very small. Was completely comfortable after 2 climbs. Find the sweet spot on your tether and hunt! Thanks to Tethrd for putting their hard earned money and Vision on the line for all to enjoy! A true show of the American spirit and entrepreneurship that is actually still alive! Thanks again guys and I’m hooked!

  5. chad_klotz

    I hunt big woods with no agricultural land around, and have always used pre sets to hunt elevated. Carrying all the gear to be mobile made hunting not enjoyable for me. I’ve been lucky enough that the presets have worked but I always venture into new far away areas that are basically impossible to preset. This Tethrd setup has made scouting the big woods trees I hunt so much easier, I can check trees quickly and decide wether they are suitable or not, setup or move on.

    Many days elk hunting I’ve wished I could get up in a tree and wait out the morning; now I can. The possibilities are endless, I’ve even setup on the ground, as your behind the tree you would typically sit in front of.

    Thank you Tethrd for making a one stop shop for saddle hunting.

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