Lineman Belt

1. You should always ascend and descend the tree using your lineman belt (f). This allows you to safely affix your climbing method, and your tree tether while remaining attached to the tree at all times.
2. At the base of the tree, pass the free end of your lineman belt (f) around the tree (figure 4) and attach it via a carabiner at the opposite lineman loop (a) (figure 5).
3. Adjust your lineman belt with a prusik knot (g)to safely climb the tree.
4. At hunting height, DO NOT remove your lineman belt until you are safely tethered to the tree with your tree tether.
5. At the end of the hunt connect your lineman belt to the tree before removing your tree tether and starting your descent.

The lineman belt comes with two (2) climbing rated carabiners. Some hunters prefer to girth hitch the small fixed eye onto their lineman loop on the Mantis saddle. This eliminates 1 carabiner and is perfectly safe to use in this fashion.

Lineman belt safety is covered in the following video.