HYS Strap

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Directions & Instructions

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To install the HYS Strap

  1. Pass the strap around the tree.
  2. Pass the tag end (end without the orange t-hook strap) through any of the loops on the strap and pull snug. We generally use the last larger loop. The HYS Strap is now “girth hitched” to the tree.
  3. To lock the HYS Strap in place, attach the adjustable t-hook and orange locking strap to any of the gear loops and tighten the strap. The HYS Strap is now locked to the tree.
  4. Arrange your gear in whatever layout makes sense for you.

The HYS Strap IS NOT intended to be used as a life support system like a tether or lineman belt.